Friend In Fashion

26 Apr 2012 8.15AMBy bloggedandbound

Friend In Fashion


She’ll tell you that a bad hair day is a bad day, full stop. On the flipside, a good one is to die for.

Jasmin is striking, her exotic looks rivalling those of the Disney princess who shares her name. Her gentle disposition lends itself easily to her classic style; she’s a lover of the 40s and 50s, inspired by feminine pieces and immaculate tailoring. She credits her mother for her obsession with fashion, and refers to a photo she found recently in a dusty family album. In it, a 5 year-old Jasmin sits proudly on the car bonnet, a pigtail at each ear. She wears a pleated skirt, freshly ironed, but it’s what she’s holding towards the camera that captured Jasmin’s attention. Clutched in a chubby fist is her prized possession, a tiny leather handbag, the first of many.

Her hair is a ripple of rich chocolate waves, tousled and deliciously luxe. Ask her about bad hair days and she’ll tell you they ruin everything, that a bad hair day is a bad day, full stop. On the flipside, a good one is to die for. She laughs freely and admits she’s caught herself strutting out of the salon on more than one occasion. Jasmin’s blog, ‘Friend in Fashion’ is somewhat of a personal look-book, an enticing peek into the wardrobe of the girl with a glorious collection of things.

It’s handbags that make her melt, the childhood photo a true testament to the longevity of her adoration. For Jasmin, they occupy a special place in both wardrobe and heart. Jasmin speaks passionately about her favourite, a vintage Louis Vuitton, pilfered from her mother’s closet. She finds herself in there every time she’s over to visit. “To be honest,” she whispers earnestly, “I’m not sure how it happens.”